Zag To The Zig #40 :: Comic Sans, Crazy Patents and Central Banks goes Digital

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In the Tech Basement this week

In the Attic of Innovation

  • Talking about patents, this is a lovely newsletter. My 9-year old daughter always says she wants to be an innovator. So I’m going to force her to read this list of new patent filings every week. You got to love the Nike Sports Chair with live game integration.

In the Economy Room

In the Ethics Corridor

Random ZTTZ 

  • Ah, the Comic Sans font, how we hate'(d) it! But how did it come about? This YouTube doc digs into some of the history of early computer culture, including Easter Eggs and CTR-ALT-DEL. Melancholy!

🏁 End note: 1 thing I’ll be doing this week